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Hi Atlas Families! Your child should have received their first Exploration Kit for the fall and this page will provide supplemental resources that are aligned to what you can be working on at home with your child.
At Atlas we decided to take a different approach to homework because we believe that homework should be fun, interactive, and student lead. Instead of nightly homework that can be stressful, monotonous, and boring, Exploration Kits are designed to be fun and joyful and will serve as an important resource for students and families. The purpose of Atlas’ Exploration Kits is for students to bring home books, resources, and activities that are connected to what they are learning in school. It gives students an opportunity to share their learning with their families, hone skills in partnership with their loved ones, and extend the learning that is taking place at school. Your teachers will set expectations that are both developmentally and grade level appropriate, and give families the flexibility to complete the kits in a timeframe that works best for your family.
At Atlas we are always striving to improve the quality of education we offer our students and welcome any feedback from our Atlas families. If you have any questions of comments on our homework kits feel free to let us know so that WE can improve there use!
If you find that one of the activities isn't fun for your child, we suggest that you move on to a different activity or simply stop for the day and come back to it when they are ready.
Your child's teacher will be posting activities that you could be working on weekly to your Class Dojo account. These activities are directly aligned to what they are practicing in class. We will continue to send supplemental materials home throughout the fall so your child has plenty of activities to do for the next few months. Happy exploring! 
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