Math at Atlas

At Atlas, our goal is for all young learners to develop a strong foundation in math and become great critical thinkers and problem solvers, just like mathematicians!  Students at Atlas will engage in authentic, hands-on learning experiences co-taught by two certified math teachers, Erin Heckendorn and Dorie Ranheim.  By utilizing a co-teaching model, our teachers are able to provide personalized instruction to meet each child’s unique learning needs and push them to grow and develop as learners.


We know that all children have strengths and areas for growth. Unfortunately, far too many students believe they are not good at math. This is a narrative we want to rewrite. Students’ earliest experiences in math help to develop positive attitudes about learning.  Our team is committed to creating positive learning experiences for our students.  Those experiences coupled with a strong foundation in Counting, Operations, Geometry, and Measurement, will set our students on a path for success in middle school, high school, and beyond. Most importantly, it will foster a lifelong love of learning and discovery. 


At Atlas, we are utilizing the Achievement First Math Curriculum. This curriculum is rigorous and based on proven best practices. Our math program is made up of two distinct learning blocks: Math Lessons and Math Facts + Math Stories.


Math Lessons

Each day, students will participate in a 50-minute math workshop led by Erin and Dorie. To learn more about Erin and Dorie and all of our Atlas team members, click HERE.  The math workshop is a comprehensive program that guides our teachers to create an environment rich in conceptual understanding and encourages children to make meaningful connections using games, real-world problem-solving tasks, and discussion. To learn more about Math Lessons, click HERE


Math Facts + Math Stories

Even with our math workshop, we know not every student is going to master objectives right away!  Students may need additional time to develop and master skills, while others may be ready for a challenge. That is why our unique math program offers children an additional 50-minute block each day, where grade-level teachers guide children through math facts and math stories. During this time teachers reinforce concepts from the math workshop using story problems, targeted review that builds fluency, and time for reteaching and enrichment.



On top of all of this, students at Atlas will also have the opportunity to participate in Lab for 90 minutes at the end of every day. It is truly a hands-on time that will bring learning together across all subjects. During Lab, students make real-world connections and apply their knowledge to authentic projects that are meaningful to them.