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Graduate Aims



Creative and Critical Thinkers: Our graduates think outside of the box. They see every opportunity as a learning experience and approach vexing challenges with perseverance and creativity.


Lifelong Learners: Our graduates have a true passion for learning. They are insatiably curious and question everything. Our graduates are self-aware and can identify both their strengths, and areas for growth. They are highly motivated and have the ability, and desire, to self-direct their learning. They have a growth mindset and work hard. They show academic grit and do not give up. Our students are ambitious goal setters and know how to stay organized in order to achieve their goals.


Culturally Competent Citizens: Our graduates know why diversity is important and why it makes the world a better place. Our graduates know who they are and what makes them unique. Students use culture as a vehicle for learning.


Well-Rounded Individuals: Our graduates are well-rounded individuals, having interests and passions both inside and out of the classroom. When our students graduate they are responsible decision makers, socially and self-aware, have strong relationship skills, and are good at self-management.


Collaborative Team Players: Our graduates are collaborators. They are able to work together in a group as equals to reach a common goal. They have the ability to delegate tasks, communicate effectively, and produce quality outcomes with other individuals


Academically Exceptional Scholars: Our graduates excel academically, and leave us performing on or above grade level. They are on a trajectory to thrive in middle school, high school, college or in the career of their choice.