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About Atlas

Atlas is an intentionally diverse, year-round public elementary school that will launch in St. Louis’ Central Corridor in the Fall of 2021. We’ll open with kindergarten and first grade, eventually growing into a K-5 elementary school. Atlas’ academic program is designed to spark creative and critical thinking and engage students in challenging work that is connected across multiple disciplines. Students will participate in authentic, real-world experiences that are rooted in the local context of St. Louis. As a result, Atlas students will produce beautiful work that is meaningful to them and their community. Our year-round calendar gives students opportunities to participate in unique experiences that aren’t possible with a traditional school calendar. All of this leads to students who are not only academically exceptional, but who are passionate about learning and prepared to thrive in middle school, high school, and beyond.

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Place-Based Learning

Place-based learning is the process of harnessing the richness of the local community and environment as both a starting point for inquiry and as a context for exploring and applying concepts and skills across the curriculum. 

Year-Round Education

Our year-round model is broken up into seven academic sessions, each consisting of approximately five weeks of instruction followed by a two week intersession break. During intercession breaks, students have the opportunity to participate in enrichment programs. 


Atlas’ staff and student population reflects the diversity of our city across race, income, and cultural backgrounds. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond recruitment to our anti-bias, anti-racist approach to curriculum and instruction, and schoolwide practices that promote equity.

Investing in Educators

To effectively execute our mission, we need an incredible team of educators. At Atlas, we work hard to provide our staff with an excellent educator experience, from scheduling and coaching, to resources and compensation.

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