Investing in Educators

Students listening to a read-aloud given by Julius B. Anthony, one of Atlas' board members.
In order to have thriving students, we need thriving teachers.  At Atlas, we provide our staff with an excellent educator experience, from scheduling and coaching, to resources and compensation. 
For decades research has shown that human capital is the single most significant in-school factor for improving student achievement.  At Atlas, we seek to recruit, develop, and retain talented educators who maximize every student’s academic and personal potential.  

By providing significant resources and support, Atlas will develop, attract, and retain exceptional teachers, and equip them with the tools and infrastructure needed to help their students succeed.  By utilizing best practices, homeroom teachers at Atlas will receive: 
     ✦   a rigorous base curriculum, 
     ✦   two 50 minute plan times each day,
     ✦   designated time to internalize and customize their lesson plans, 
     ✦   time to participate in regular data team meetings,
     ✦   personalized coaching with feedback from a mentor, 
     ✦   a school calendar that builds in more than 30 full days for professional development and strategic planning.
While many of the items mentioned above are considered best practices, what puts teachers at Atlas on a different trajectory is the 30 full days of professional development that has been built into our school’s yearly calendar during intersession breaks and is reflected in our staff’s salary. For teachers, the first week of the intersession break will offer opportunities for professional growth. Teachers will have time to reflect on lessons, analyze data, and plan for the next academic cycle. Moreover, teachers will be able to participate in professional development opportunities that are aligned with the school’s strategic priorities and are designed to help them grow as educators. Each intersession also has vacation time built-in for staff, giving teachers more frequent opportunities to rest and grow stronger. By embedding more frequent opportunities for professional development as well as time off for staff, we are creating a more sustainable work-life balance for our team members.