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The mission of Atlas Public Schools is to educate the whole child by combining a rigorous academic program with authentic, real-world experiences so all students thrive in middle school, high school, and beyond. Our mission was created in partnership with families, community members, and fellow educators. We envision a time when all students in St. Louis have the skills and habits to be successful in the 21st century and where St. Louis is a model of a flourishing, diverse, and empowered community. At Atlas, we leverage the unique resources of our amazing city to provide unforgettable learning opportunities for our kids. Our school model is designed not only to ensure that our students are academically exceptional, but are creative and critical thinkers, lifelong learners, culturally competent citizens, well-rounded individuals, and collaborative team members.


Located in the racially and socioeconomically diverse, accessible, and resource-rich St. Louis Central Corridor, Atlas will enroll a group of 130 kindergarten and first grade students beginning in the Fall of 2021. Atlas will grow one grade per year, ultimately serving a community of 468 diverse kindergarten-fifth grade students.


Place-Based Learning: Place-based learning is the process of harnessing the richness of the local community and environment as both a starting point for inquiry and as a context for exploring and applying concepts and skills across the curriculum.


Diverse-by-Design: Atlas’ staff and student population reflects the diversity of our city across race, income, and cultural backgrounds. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond recruitment to our anti-bias, anti-racist approach to curriculum and instruction, schoolwide practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and ongoing professional development for our team.


Year-Round Education: At Atlas, we create an equitable learning environment that sets all students up for success. Our year-round model is broken up into seven academic sessions, each consisting of approximately five weeks of instruction followed by a two week intersession break. During intercession breaks, students have the opportunity to participate in free enrichment programs.


Investing in Educators: To effectively execute our mission, we need an incredible team of educators. At Atlas, we work hard to provide our staff with an excellent educator experience, from scheduling and coaching, to resources and compensation.


As a result of our innovative school model, not only do Atlas kids love coming to school, but they are equipped with the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. Our students flourish because we focus on educating the whole child, and are committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining highly effective educators.