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Math at Atlas

Students at Atlas will engage in authentic, hands-on learning experiences co-taught by two certified math teachers, Erin Heckendorn and Dorie Ranheim. Read on to find out why we believe taking a unique approach to learning Math is best for our students!

Preparing Students to Thrive!

One of the things about our school model that makes Atlas unique is each classroom having two teachers. Learn more about our expanded definition of student success + co-taught classrooms.

Atlas Receives Meet the Moment Grant

4.0 Schools has awarded $460,000 in Meet the Moment Grants to 38 alumni teams working on new and existing ideas to support students and families during COVID-19.

2020 Summer Pilot Impact Report

In July 2020, the Atlas team piloted EL Education's remote curriculum with 30 children ages four and five living in St. Louis. Click on this link to learn more about what we found!
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