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In order to more effectively meet the needs of our students and families, Atlas has adopted a year-round school calendar.  Our calendar supports our whole-child approach to learning.  From academics, play, the arts, wellness, and social emotional learning, we are committed to ensuring the success of our students - academically, emotionally, and physically.  

For the 2021-2022 school year, our first day of class begins September 8, 2021 and our school year ends on August 12, 2022.  Our school year consists of seven academic sessions, each consisting of roughly five weeks of instruction.  Each academic session is followed by an intersession break. 

Session 1: September 8-October 15 (28 Days)

Intersession 1:  October 18-29


Session 2: November 1-December 17 (31 Days)

Intersession 2:  December 20-January 3 - Winter Break


Session 3: January 4-February 11 (28 Days)

Intersession 3:  February 14-18


Session 4: February 22-March 18 (19 Days)

Intersession 4:  March 21-April 1 - Spring Break


Session 5: April 4-May 6 (25 Days)

Intersession 5:  May 9-20


Session 6: May 23-June 24 (24 Days)

Intersession 6:  June 27-July 15 - Summer Break


Session 7 - Extended Summer Term: July 18-August 12 (20 Days)

Intersession 7:  August 15-September 5 - Summer Break


We've designed our intersessions so that they fall on a similar timeframe as traditional districts' breaks.  For example, Intersession 2 occurs during Winter Break and Intersession 4 falls on the third week in March when SLPS typically has their Spring Break.  Together, Intersession 6 & 7 make up our extended summer break where students have roughly six weeks off of school and have time to enjoy the summer.  During intersessions that don't fall on traditional breaks (Intersessions 1, 3, & 5), Atlas will provide affordable programming for students with the help of community partners.  


Intersession programming will take place at our school and will run throughout the normal school day so that families don't have to worry about finding childcare.  For students, they will have the opportunity to participate in camp-like experiences that are designed to be fun and engaging while extending the learning that's taking place in the classroom.  While we have visual and performing arts classes during the school day, this is a great opportunity for students to try new activities with partners such as COCA, Building Futures, LitShopSTL, Unleashing Potential, and others.  This helps break up the school year for kids and keeps things fun and engaging while providing a safe space, access to meals, and extra academic support.