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Co-taught Classrooms



At Atlas, we believe all students should receive the personalized instruction they need to thrive. In order to set our kids up for success, each of our classrooms will have 26 students and will be co-taught by 2 educators. This allows us to have flexible groups to more effectively support our students and meet their individual needs.


Every classroom at Atlas will have two educators, from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade, when we eventually expand. Having two minds to facilitate a classroom community allows students to connect with different personalities. Co-teaching allows more opportunities for small groups and one-to-one learning, as well as clearer modeling during lessons. The co-planning process encourages two teachers to bounce ideas off each other to deliver the strongest, most creative lessons. Some of the benefits of co-taught classrooms include, but are not limited to: a reduced student-to-teacher ratio, a wider variety of instructional options for students who learn in many different ways, greater student engagement time, more opportunities for students to participate in ways they are comfortable.







Below are a few specific scenarios of what this will look like at different times throughout the day:


Our co-teacher model allows for more flexibility and enables our teachers to personalize instruction and ensure all students are actively engaged in the learning.  We're able to provide both enrichment and remediation within the classroom and do so in a way that maintains the dignity of all students.  It also allows us to support our students with special needs in an environment that is more inclusive and without stigma.