Place-Based Learning

At Atlas, we take advantage of all that St. Louis has to offer by connecting what students are learning inside the classroom to our local history, environment, culture, and economy. Our first academic session included three outstanding field trip opportunities! To coincide with their Tools and Work unit, First Grade got to participate in a Design Challenge at MADE Magic House. They also visited the new Nature Playscape in Forest Park where they had the chance to speak with the designers of the play area and learn about the tools used to create and maintain the space.
Our Kindergarteners got to visit the Nature Playscape, as well, as part of their Toys and Play unit. Here, they participated in a scavenger hunt and explored different ways to play in each of the park’s areas. They also took a walking field trip to watch a performance put on by Circus Flora. We are so lucky to have all these learning opportunities right in our neighborhood!